Essentially education offered


Want to learn more about Essential Oils?

I love to share my knowledge of essential oils with friends, family, and strangers I meet on the street. If you are interested in learning more, there are a lot of ways to do that. 

I offer one-on-one meetings either in person or via the world wide web (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hang Out) where I can answer any questions you may have about oils or about natural options for alternative health care for your family.

I also offer classes in your home (or in mine) for you and your friends. If you host a class, you will receive a hostess gift worth $60. There will be a door prize and other gifts for each of your attendees. These classes run 90 minutes and include a great deal of information and answered questions. 

Classes offered in Southern Saskatchewan

Intro to Essential Oils

This class is a basic introduction to essential oils. What is an essential oil? Where do they come from? What benefits can these oils have for your health and your family? Why would I care?

So I bought some oils, now what?

This class follows up after you’ve received your oils and teaches you how better to use them in your every day life. Topics include: replacing things in your medicine chest, using oils daily while not being over-the-top, and I actually enjoy water now.

Emotions and Wellbeing

A look at how our emotions can be affected by aromas. Our sense of smell can have a significant affect on our feelings and moods. This class will explore our emotional and mental wellbeing and the oils we can use to enhance or improve our moods. 

Family Physicians Kit

Deconstruction of the Family Physician Kit – details about each of the 10 oils included in the kit and why they are important for your family’s health and wellbeing.

Making your own mixes

Each class allows you and your friends to make their own blends for easy use. Bring your own oils or use mine. Supplies provided for either 5ml or 10ml roller bottles.

Volume 1: Healthy Options

Mixes include cough blend, tummy blend, open airways, sleepy time, flu shield, allergy attack, and more

Volume 2: Emotional Me

Mixes include Liquid Xanax, Calm Me, Happy Me, Release the Beast, Worry No More, Love is in the Air, and more.

Volume 3: Mama and Baby

Mixes include Tender Ta-tas, Happy Baby, Calm Mama, Cool Cool Baby, Sleepy Baby, Lactate Aide, Baby Belly, and more.

Volume 4: Spa Night

This class includes bath salt mixes, foot and body scrubs, shower bombs, and other great ways to use oils to pamper yourself 

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Using oils to clean is a great way to keep your home healthy and eco-friendly. From Doterra’s own products to mixes you can make yourself, learn how to keep your house and laundry clean and fresh.

And many more!! If you are interested in a specific topic, just let me know and I can create a class specially fitted for you!

Bronwyn Wyatt
DoTerra Independent Consultant
Regina, Saskatchewan