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I'm Bronwyn and I am an essential oils user. I know it sounds like a support group and, really, it should be!

I live in Saskatchewan, Canada with my husband and my dog, Monty. In my work life, I'm a crisis worker and counsellor. In my real life, I'm a dog-mom, knitter, amusing conversationalist, chronic reader, and DoTerra independent consultant.

Why did I choose DoTerra?

I was introduced to DoTerra through a friend. A few years ago, I was struggling with anxiety after a particularly difficult workplace issue. My friend gave me a sample of oils (full story here!) and I learned to breathe again.

Then, about 6 months later, I was injured at work. My back injury made it so I was uncomfortable and grumpy. This same friend gave me another sample of oils to deal with the pain. It was the first relief I had and I was hooked.

January 2015, I received my first order of oils - the Home Essentials kit - complete with Petal diffuser and 10 of the basic oils. Since then, my life has been very different.

I've got an oil for that!!

I couldn't help myself. The more I used the oils, the more I talked about them, handed them out, gave away bottles, and approached people in public spaces when I overheard them talking about something I knew I had an oil for.

I started learning as much as I could about the oils. I took classes and read things and talked to people and used the oils and had a grand old time. I decided it was high time I started sharing the oils and my information to the world around me.

Why MayB Essential?

I started this blog so I could tell stories about using my oils and the good (and disastrous!) things that happened because of that. Also, I wanted to share tips and thoughts and information and... well, stuff!

I chose the name MayB Essential because my online presence has always had the name MayB associated with it. Initially it was because I wanted to stay anonymous (good luck with that) and wanted something clever.

My name is Bronwyn and I'm born in May and I watched Arrested Development and my favourite character was Maeby.

Yeah, I said I "wanted" something clever. Not that I found it.

Anyway, that is where it came from and here it is. MayB Essential -- the place I can talk about essential oils without people rolling their eyes.

I hope you join me!
Bronwyn MayB

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